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A No-Kill Dog Shelter

Please Send Your Donations to: Animal Aid Society, Inc., 80 Butler Farm Road, Hampton, VA 23666

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ANIMAL AID is a no-kill shelter.We are a non-profit private shelter and receive no
support from state or local authorities. Our mission is to provide a comfortable, safe
home for dogs until we can find them a new home and loving family.

As a no-kill shelter, we cannot accept a dog unless we have an open kennel. Kennels are
made available by adopting dogs to new families. Because our ability to accept new dogs
is limited by space, we must be careful in which dogs are accepted. Every dog that is
considered must pass a temperament test administered on site. This ensures that the dog
will not be a danger to our volunteers and can be placed in a playgroup with other dogs.
Dogs that are happy and seen to play by the public are very adoptable.

Our shelter has had to make a very hard decision to not accept pit bulls or pit bull mixes.
This is based on the publicís perception that pit bulls are dangerous and violent. While
this is not true in most cases, pit bulls are very hard to adopt and limit our ability to free
up kennels.

If you wish to surrender a dog, please provide the following information,
either by e-mailing the
Intake Manager

or by calling 757-865-0511.

  • Your name and a phone number where you can be reached.

  • Your dogís information, to include breed, sex, age, weight, neutering/spaying, and shots.

  • Your dogís training level and disposition.

  • Your reason for giving the dog up for adoption.

  • A photo, if available.

When contacted to bring your dog in for a temperament test, please bring all the vet
records. If the dog is accepted into the shelter, you will need to fill out a custody form
giving us ownership of the dog, We will also ask you fill out a pet profile that we will use
to let prospective new owners know how the dog behaves in a home.

We do not have a set surrender fee, but will ask for a donation towards the medical care
and upkeep while the dog is with us.

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