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Please Send Your Donations to: Animal Aid Society, Inc., 80 Butler Farm Road, Hampton, VA 23666

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Small Dogs and Puppies

Under 30 lbs

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He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog,
You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the
last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion.


Four Puppies

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Introducing .... Beagles: Theodore, Alvin, and Simone (born 10 June 2016)
and Pekingese/Beagle mix: Harry (born 26 May 2016).
Each one is under 10 pounds now, but we do not know what their adult size and weight will be.

August 22, 2016

Animal Aid has 4 very young puppies that are ready to find their forever homes. They have been in foster care for a few weeks and have been checked out by our vet who gave them their first and second set of shots. They will be at the shelter on Saturday and Sunday, August 27 and 28 during business hours 9 a.m. to 12 noon to meet potential families. Applications may be filled out by interested people who want to be considered for adopting one of them. Our adoption committee will prescreen the applications. We know that puppies require considerable time and training. We will be looking for applicants that demonstrate the ability and willingness to provide for the unique needs of a young puppy. As per our application process on all dogs, we do not honor "first come, first serve". Each application will be reviewed, and the committee will decide on the best placement for that particular puppy. Of course, we have many other wonderful dogs of all ages waiting for their new homes as well.

In foster care these puppies have been observed to be very playful and want to have some serious fun. They enjoy toys, games such as tug-of-war, playing with other dogs in the home, and love personal attention. They still have sharp teeth and need house training. Young puppies can be fearless around new objects or adventures and need close supervision to avoid harm to themselves or others. They are eating puppy food and should not be given table scraps ever. So, if you and your family are ready for a tiny new friend with tireless energy but loves to snuggle, the search may be over!


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Lhasa Apso / Female
Weight: 11 lbs.
Age: 2 years
August 21, 2016

The Lhsa Apso's roots can be traced back to 800 B.C. Tibet.

She is everyone's friend and would love to find a lap to settle in before
the winter storms begin. Easy going and care free describes her
perfectly, and she is ready to start the next chapter in her life.
An occasional grooming will be needed to keep her
looking her best, but it will be so worth it!
We are sorry but we cannot accept any new applications for Petula
until the ones we already have are processed.


Carl.jpg - 31886 Bytes Carl 2.jpg - 29781 Bytes
Border Collie mix / Male
Weight: 26 lbs.
Age: 5 months
August 14, 2016
Adoption Pending

"When you feel lousy, puppy therapy is indicated."
- Sara Paretsky -


Mabel.jpg - 21978 Bytes Nutmeg and Mabel.jpg - 23620 Bytes
Long-haired Chihuahua / Female   Weight: 10 lbs.
Age: 10 months, DOB: 9/20/15


Nutmeg 3.jpg - 19655 Bytes Nutmeg.jpg - 30592 Bytes
Wirehaired terrier mix / Female    Weight: 22 lbs.   Age: 4 years

"Not Carnegie, Vanderbilt, and Astor together could have raised money
enough to buy a quarter share in my little dog."
- Ernest Thompson Seton -
These two girls came to us from another rescue where they had been owner
surrenders. They love attention and are ready to start new chapters in their
lives ..... especially where there is an available lap! They would not mind
another compatible dog in the family for a playmate, too.
Please come visit them soon!
July 26, 2016


Mya 4 2016.jpg - 38377 Bytes Mya 3 2016.jpg - 47330 Bytes
Blue tick hound mix / Female
Weight: 27 lbs.
Age: 11 months
May 29, 2016
Adoption Pending

"None are as fiercely loyal as dog people.
In return, no doubt, for the never-ending loyalty of dogs."
- Linda Shrieves -
Let the good times begin when this happy girl joins your family!
She would enjoy most any outing .... beach, camping, hiking,
or just being with people. Find out what has been
missing from your life .... you won't be disappointed!


Skeeter 7.jpg - 30812 Bytes Skeeter 8.jpg - 39195 Bytes
Terrier mix / Male
Weight: 24 lbs.
Age: 2 years
May 29, 2016
Adopted: 6 August 2016


April 2 2016.jpg - 33664 Bytes April 3 2016.jpg - 27578 Bytes
Beagle / Female
Weight: 21 lbs.
Age: 2 years

DOB: 3/31/14
May 13, 2016
Adopted: 15 August 2016


Jetter 2 2015.JPG - 16498 Bytes Jetter 2015.jpg - 24968 Bytes
Photo courtesy of: JoAnne Ragland
Miniature Pinscher / Male
Age: 6 years
June 9, 2015

I came to Animal Aid after spending a year boarding at the vetís office. I may be a
little older, but don't let that drive you away. There are so many perks to adopting an
older dog! First, I already know what I like and don't like. I prefer a quiet home. I do
like plenty of scratches behind the ear! Second, I already have my manners down. You
probably won't have to teach me much... just let me get used to my new environment.
I'm a sweetheart who can't wait to spend my golden years with you. Iím a diabetic and
I need an insulin injection twice daily. The best part is that Animal Aid will
pay for all medicine and tests concerning my diabetes.

Jetter is being cared for in a foster home. Please call the shelter 865-0511 to arrange a meeting.

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